Chemfab Alkalis Ltd (CAL) - India's First State-of-the-art Ion Exchange Membrane Cell Caustic Soda Plant – An Environ – Friendly and Energy Saving Technology - Trend Setter In Chlor-alkali Industry.

Caustic Soda industry till the recent past had conjured up a crude image of high pollution and energy consuming one, as the age-old technology adopted mercury and asbestos, which are highly pollutant. It was the time when Japan was hit by the dreaded minimata disease and the Government imposed a directive to all caustic-chlorine industry to scrap mercury cells and change-over to different system. The Membrane Technology was just in its infancy in the world and developed to certain extent in . It was considered to be very energy efficient and environ-friendly.

TEAM, as is its usual wont, looked for a suitable tie-up for manufacture of these membrane cells in India and came in touch with Chlorine Engineers Corporation Ltd (CEC), a Mitsui Group. Initially, they were not willing to transfer the technology, as it was a very delicate technology; but after getting satisfied on the track-record of the Group and its capabilities, agreed to part with the technology. TEAM was very particular that the collaborators should accede to TEAM's demand of making use of the indigenous talent and indigenous manufacture. CEC was very understanding and offered the technology to TEAM on TEAM's terms. TEAM, bought only the know how, licence and only critical parts from Japanese Company, successfully assimilated the technology and manufactured the electrolysers and other critical components, for Chemfab Alkalis Limited, in its own manufacturing facility.

After CAL successfully established its plant and made a success-story of the Membrane Technology in India, in 1985, the Government and the industry realised the enormous advantages of this technology, ie. Total avoidance of mercury and 30% power saving.

It prompted the Government of India to issue a mandate that all future/ expansion of caustic soda plants, shall adopt only Membrane Cell technology.

CAL is the first ever Plant in India, to adopt "Ion Exchange Membrane technology", producing caustic soda lye, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen gas of very high purity of 99.9999+, sodium hypochlorite and Barium sulphate.

The capacity of the plant is 100 tonnes per day, operating both monopolar and Bipolar.

CAL is a public Limited Company, listed in both National Stock Exchange and Mumbai Stock Exchange. The plant is running successfully for nearly three decades and has been chosen as the Greenest Indian Chlor Alkali Plant with No.1 status, by an NGO organisation, dedicated to Science and Environment.

Recently CAL was awarded "Silver Category"  in chemical sector by Greentech Environment foundation in 2014.

It has bagged many more awards for its contribution to energy saving and environment protection, water management and near zero discharge.

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