MRTS - Singapore

Singapore is strategically located, bestowed with excellent infrastructure, impeccable governance, a mature and knowledgeable market and the Singapore bran, which guarantees the best practices and World-class intellectual Property Protection. Singapore welcomes and encourages genuine and responsible entrepreneurship, to implement new and novel technologies. For test bedding and commercializing Water Treatment Technologies, Dr. Rao established Membrane Research Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd, (MRTS) – a home –grown Singapore research Company, in July 1995.

Research work at science park

The research Company was set up at The Alpha, Singapore Science Park II, research hub of the region. MRTS had been engaged in research and development of hollow fiber ultra filtration capillary type polymeric membranes.

Grant From NSTB

This being an Innovative one, to garner the support of National Science Technology Board (NSTB), Dr. Rao applied for a grant for research into Capillary Ultrafiltration Membranes. Considering the merit and paramount importance of the research, NSTB readily bestowed a grant of two million dollars, for development of “Capillary Ultrafiltration Membrane“, with specific charter. MRTS demonstrated true commitment towards its research cause, by independently investing further SGD three millions to establish MRTS. It was the first research Company, to receive a grant, from NSTB, for this type of research.

Membrane Technology

The research team was headed by Dr. Rao, supported by Dr. S. Sourirajan, World renowned Membrane Scientist, along with a group of Scientists from different parts of the World. The Company got PR for all the Scientists, with the help of NSTB.

NSTB Deliverables

MRTS, successfully developed Capillary Uttrafiltration Membrane after extensive research for 3 years, accomplished the deliverables, got the bacteria / virus challenged, complied with the protocols, to the entire satisfaction of NSTB. The IPR was registered in Singapore and also patent obtained.

Commercial Sale

For commercialization of the membrane, Dr. Rao wanted to set up a manufacturing facility and approached NSTB and also other Government Agencies. However, NSTB charter did not allow establishment of a commercial plant and also other Government Agencies could not extend support. Heading to the call given by the Industry Minister, to all Singaporeans to go in for regional investment and establish manufacturing units, due to paucity of area for industries in Singapore, Dr. Rao chose India to establish its manufacturing base in view of the fact that Dr. Rao already has a lot of his manufacturing business establishments and manufacturing Companies and considering the cost- economics.