Birth of Chemfab

Dr Rao, had gained enough confidence that he decided to be on his own. State Bank of India offered a loan, under "Technical Entrepreneur Scheme", without any margin money. This formed the basis of Chemfab, the mother Company of the Chemfab Group.

Chemfab started its operation by importing Titanium Sheets, which was a rare metal, perfected the complicated Titanium Welding technology, by repairing Titanium Anode Baskets, which were imported. Chemfab assimilated and perfected Titanium Welding technology and started manufacturing Titanium Anode Baskets, indigenously, saving precious foreign exchange. Chemfab introduced hot pressure welding technology for homogenous welding of copper flexibles and specialised in design, fabrication and supply of Copper/ Aluminium busbars, flexibles, shorting switches etc for electrolysers of all kinds to chlor-alkali industry.

Energy-saving Titanium Metal Anodes To Replace Pollution Prone Mercury And Asbestos In Chlor Alkali Industry:

CECRI (Division of National Research Development Corporation), Karaikudi was then at the verge of implementing a very vital Technology, known as Titanium substrate insoluble Anodes (TSIA) for manufacture of Caustic Soda.

This technology was held as a monopoly by overseas Companies. While CECRI had developed the coating technique, they had problem with getting the Titanium substrate welded. This led to a cooperation between Chemfab and CECRI.

The Alkali Manufacturers’ Association of India came forward to implement this Technology and remitted the money to NRDC also for this Technology. But they could not proceed. That’s how the TSIA (Titanium Substrate Insoluble Anodes) project was taken up by TEAM.